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My name is Dominic Young. I’ve been in the courier and expedited freight business in Minneapolis, at some level, since 1993 - as a driver, sales manager, business owner, and more. I’d like a chance to help you!

Generally speaking, if you have to move a package weighing more than 100lbs., I can save you money and headaches in my non-CMV vehicles. I’m not subject to HOS or other regulations, but your delivery is fully insured-per shipment...

I own a new Ford Taurus with a huge trunk (48”Lx50”Wx18”H) [my Dad calls it a Mafia car because it’ll inconspicuously hold 6 bodies... 😂] and even larger back seat that’ll haul up to 1,250lbs. This is my primary vehicle and where I can help you the most and save you the most money. I can help you for as little as $1.00/mile.

I have commercial rental accounts and can rent Sprinter-type Cargo Vans (125”Lx54”Wx62”H) that’ll haul up to 3 standard (48x40) pallets, up to 4,000lbs. or pickup trucks (84”Lx50”W) that’ll haul up to 2,000lbs. and many other options - up to a 26’ straight truck that’ll haul almost 10,000lbs.

Cars from $1/mile*

(Generally up to 6'@1,000lbs.)

Pickup/SUV $1.50/mi

(Generally up to 8'@2,000lbs.)

Van / Sm. Straight $2/mi

(Generally up to 12'@4,000lbs.)

Large Straight $3/mi

(Generally up to 26'@10,000lbs.)

* mileage figured one way from pick up to delivery, rounded UP to the next 100, plus dead-head if necessary: $150 minimum ($250 small or large straight).

I can legally drive into Canada and am usually quite a bit cheaper than standard expedited services.


Regularly scheduled SAME DAY deliveries from Minneapolis to Omaha, Bismarck, Kansas City, Chicago or Winnipeg. MB, CANADA for $500?  I can do that!

Saturday pickup in Mitchell, SD to deliver to Cornwall, ON, CANADA before a building can open on Monday?  I've done that!

A 6lb. HazMat box in Milwaukee going to MCAS Miramar, CA in 32 hours?  Yup!

Some of my best customers are Carriers and brokers...


In case I can ever help you with high value, fragile, HazMat, temperature sensitive, or emergency package deliveries, please let me know.  I’ll get your packages or items delivered anywhere in the US or Canada-sometimes faster than air freight after everything is arranged.

Thank you!
I am not a broker who can handle all your shipping and receiving issues efficiently, but I know who the best one is if you want a solid, experienced broker.

I have the right LTL contact for you to save you and serve you well. 

I have the right HEAVY HAUL contact to save you and serve you well.

I have the right INTERNATIONAL contact for you to save you and serve you well.

I have the right AIR CHARTER contact for you to save you and serve you well.

I have the right RAILROAD contact for you to save you and serve you well. 

I have the right LOCAL COURIER contact for you to save you and serve you well. 

I have right contacts everywhere for anything and I will put you in direct contact with them. I will not act as your middle man and create even more wasteful layers. We are in this together to help each other.

The goal must be service, not profits. Any business that forgets this will eventually have n

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